App beta updates!

Hey Contigo Family,

Its been a little while since we’ve last reached out to you guys, but following our most recent post over on reddit we wanted to update everyone on a more in depth level.Firstly, we would like to invite you all to our new Discord server! This is where we will be providing more frequent updates, and inviting members to try new features early, as well as have discussions on ways to improve the app! Join here for early alpha access to the App!

Over the last few months we’ve been carefully looking at our last version of Contigo that some of you have already had the chance to try out, and we’ve realized that we are missing an important bridge to fulfill conversational proficiency. Being able to chat freely with a conversational AI Bot in Spanish about any topic in particular is awesome. However, for someone who might not have a strong linguistical scope of Spanish, it can act as a very daunting first step to take without knowing what your conversation should be about. We wanted to experiment with combining the freedom of chat with the structure of curriculum, and we’d love to show you what we came up with!In the demo video you’ll see a few exercises displaying our new “Bite Sized Conversation” system. This works by throwing you into the middle of a scenario with an objective to complete. The goal is to answer however you like, as long as you satisfy the objective! If you don't know how to say something in Spanish, don't worry! You can mix in English where ever you need, and we will correct it for you.

This demo video is just a small peek into what Contigo will become. In the future, you can expect longer form roleplay challenges (e.g. an entire dining experience, or shopping at a market) as well as a personalized curriculum that is catered to your skill level and goals for the language.We know that this is a lot to unpack, and we can’t fit everything into a single email, so if you would like to stay more up to date, receive early access to the App, and provide direct feedback to change the course of development, join the Discord here!

- Contigo Team

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